It is time to join together to build on the strengths of Remington and Wolcott. Together, we can create new opportunities that will attract people to our towns, provide jobs and activities for our kids, and make this an even better place to call home.

You know we all are proud of our safe, small-town lifestyle. But with the economy the way it is and competition from other towns and cities for businesses, jobs and home owners, we can no longer afford to wait for people to find our small town oasis.

There are many ways for you to show your community pride and get involved. Share your vision of Remington and Wolcott and invite your neighbors and family to do the same. Sign up as a volunteer with the Main Street program or attend a RWCDC or Town Council meeting to voice your opinions.

You can even make a difference by working together to clean up and fix neglected areas of the community to show you care about the way we look to potential new residents. Watch for news updates on this web site to keep current on the development progress and for meeting dates and times.

We are excited about the possibilities for Remington and Wolcott. Together we can become the new model for rural living in Indiana.