The right place to make your new Business

Instead of waiting for businesses to find them, Remington and Wolcott are creating the infrastructure to support growth and accommodate a variety of business and industry. From small business and retail to manufacturing and transportation.

Town leaders and community members already are working together to highlight the natural charm and history of Remington/Wolcott while building partnerships to make it easy for new industry and development. Imagine what this work ethic can bring to your business.

Future development plans call for a mix of retail and commercial, office and industrial, and preservation and research projects. Here are a few other reasons why Remington/Wolcott is an attractive place to relocate or start your business.

  • Ideally situated between two of the largest cities in the Midwest.
  • Accessible land for future development.
  • A safe, friendly community for your workforce to call home.
  • A smaller school corporation dedicated to being the best.
  • Low cost of living.
  • A network of community, corporate and government partners ready to assist you.
This is Remington/Wolcott. Find out what is here waiting for you.