Your home should reflect your personality and style. With the variety of housing options for those seeking to own a home or rent a house or apartment in Remington and Wolcott – and those in development – you should find a low-cost house that you can make a home. 

The towns each experienced significant housing development between 1960 and 1986. More than 30 percent of the homes in the area date from this time period. Both towns have a number of historic dwellings as well. Existing neighborhoods contain a variety of housing styles, including Prairie Style, American Four Square, and Bungalow. 

Approximately 75 percent of homes in the area are owned, which demonstrates how strongly residents feel about staying in these communities. Home purchase prices have consistently remained below the state average, making Remington and Wolcott a good bargain for house hunters.

Plans also are underway for new neighborhood development. A condominium project already has begun on the northwest side of Remington to accommodate employees of current and proposed businesses in the area.
To learn more about available housing, contact a local realtor:

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